If I told you about myself right now, a week from now I’d be lying.  What I do know for sure, and what I assume will not change any time soon, is this:

  • I am young
  • I am female
  • I am African-American
  • Writing is my passion
  • I love to sing, but I’ll probably never do it in front of you
  • I have two tattoos currently, and the meanings behind each of them could bring me to tears
  • I am a Christian, although I’m not perfect, and don’t claim to be; also, my views at times conflict with those who share my religion
  • I am a realist, and I know now that I want more in this life than I believe this world will give to me
  • Actually, I am probably more of a combination of realist and optimist
  • My mother is my best friend
  • I have high expectations for people, and I am often disappointed
  • I’m a Leo, if that means anything to you
  • I try to find the beauty in everything, but I’m not blind to the uglier side
  • Most of all, I have a pretty good idea, but I still have so much to see, so much to do, and so much to learn before I truly know who I am


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